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Flyn : Carnet de Bord

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FLY’N VS Dyer Hit World

By - Tuesday September 04, 2012

A short reverse shoot’em up is released before FLY’N: Dyer Hit World. The most reckless of you will learn what happened before Dyer turns up on Helycia with the intention to strip the World-Trees of their Helys.

In this old school episode, Dyer and his associates, Hoova the vacuum cleaner, Freegor the fridge and Pixus the camera, try to suck up all the garbage that strangle Helyon, a devastated forest planet.

With this game, players will discover more about the motivations of our dear hairdryer.

In FLY’N, you will have to use strategically the special features of the four Buds, Flyn, Lyft, Ywok and Nyls. The Trees pin their hopes on them… to thwart Dyer’s plans.

Their goal is simple but dangerous: they have to reach the crown of each World-Tree to put an end to the havoc caused by the garbage from the Megabin.

FLY’N is a platform game that will give you a hard time!

Flyn has tested Dyer Hit World…

He had some difficulties playing it. He shares his impressions with us:

*It’s hard to play with hands, as they’re just hooks, but this game seems quite good… Dyer is incredible: he invites himself in FLY’N… But we are not even mentioned in his game…


Dyer has tested FLY'N...


Dyer, what are your impressions about FLY’N?

*(Yawn) … Seriously, a Buds ‘game, it sucks… Fortunately, I make several appearances: it raises the bar!! That said, it’s worth it… only to notice how awesome I am!

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