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Flyn : Carnet de Bord

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FLYN is real!

By MathieuLyft - Thursday July 26, 2012 Comment (0)
The weather was nice last weekend, so I left my bedroom window open.

Guess who happened to be around?

Guess who didn’t think about it twice but directly came in and landed on my desk?
Guess who then (oh miracle!) revived my flower which had been refusing to dance for years?

That Flyn truly is incredible!

Too bad, he left as quickly as he came, as Superman does once his mission is accomplished.
He’s probably off to make something else dance.

If you see a plant dance the moonwalk it means that Flyn was there right before you arrived.
(His singing is undeniably powerful, I myself almost danced with my camera.
Indeed, as if by chance, I started filming precisely at the right moment.)
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