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Flyn : Carnet de Bord

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The Hitchhiker’s guide to the World-Tree

By yenamarsss - Friday June 15, 2012
Hello everyone!

After a first general part, this time I will write about something particular and truly important for me: particles!
Yes, my primary role on this team, before working on level designs, is to create the FX of the game. Like this:

(You may notice the work done on Ywok’s expressive face. That most likely will be a future post subject written by our dearest chara’animaster, no pressure Sébastien…)

Or that:

Anyway, you may ask yourselves: What kind of magical process do we use to make these effects?
Well, we use this:

An outstanding particles editor, hand-made by our Primary goat: Tholank the programiner!
The principle is quite easy, even if it looks scary at first sight, on the right you can see the particle rendering, on the left, the animation curves used to make this little world move.

Actually, a particle is just a sprite that we cast in a given direction, with a given speed as well as other animated parameters like color or size. We cast a huge batch of these particles (well, not that much, the game may freeze) in order to get cool effects as smokes, explosions or lots of nice feedbacks useful for the game, for example, let’s see how I’ve made the effect played when our beloved Flyn dies:

We combine the four elements shown above and we get this final result:
And Ya Boo, Flyn is gone!

P.S. you should get used to these particles as you may see it very often while playing GNIARK GNIARK!
PPS: No Flyn has been mistreated while creating this game. *Muhahaha*